Custard: A Man’s Perspective

As the lone man on the Custard team I thought it would be cool to offer my viewpoints on the store and some of my favorite items.  Unfortunately Custard does not carry men’s apparel (aside from a few unisex selections),  but if we did I know where I would be stocking my wardrobe!   I can say that Custard is one of the most unique boutiques I have seen.  Custard offers clothing and accessories for every season, from pencil skirts and graphic tees in the summer to oversized knits and handmade leather jackets for the winter months.  Also, if you want that perfect dress for a night out or just need something special for a particular event, Custard has got you covered.

A man’s take on Custard has to be to find items in the store that he would long for if he were a woman and what he would really like to see his woman wearing.  I am here to do just that, so this is my shot at “Custard: A Man’s Perspective.

First off I will start with my favorite aspect of Custard Boutique…the jewelry!  I have never seen jewelry anywhere like at Custard.  All the jewelry is made in the United States and handmade by independent artists, which is amazing. Custard has pieces that are edgy and real head turners but also has subtle classic pieces that can accent any outfit.  Here are a few of my favorites:

2013-02-28_12-59-29_546This is the man versus animal 3D cuff from boyNYC.  It’s hard to look at this and not say “this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”.  It is rose plated and stunning.  The cuff is a bold piece and sure to draw attention.



2013-02-28_13-06-10_194Ornamental Things provides this necklace which is aged brass and the locket, which is fully functioning, is an aged brass filigree locket.  On the front of the locket is  vintage black glass cameo. This piece reminds me of something found in a treasure chest and I love it!





2013-02-28_13-17-26_233This is a beautiful prehnite ring from Roost set in a silver square facet.  What this picture doesn’t show is the way this stone shines in the light which caught my eye right away.





Next I’m going to go through a few pieces of clothing that I love in the store right now and I think would be striking on any woman.

2013-02-28_13-45-00_32I love prints and patterns on women and this maxi dress by QSW is amazing!  It’s almost like a painting and the top portion of the dress is so stunning. This would be perfect for a night out with dinner and maybe even a few cocktails afterwards.





2013-02-28_13-50-38_848I love 70′s rock and roll and this jacket reminds me of the Allman Brothers or something like that, which isn’t a bad thing.  This is a beautiful suede, fringe jacket from Sold Design Lab.  This jacket is the symbol of awesome and just shouts fun, fun, fun!






This brand of tee is probably my favorite label in Custard.  Bandit Brand, from Austin, TX, is who produces these tees and they are great.  First off, they are extrememly soft. Secondly, the graphics are amazing.  Everything feels so vintage with Bandit Brand and I love that.  I personally own a Bandit Brand tee and wear it constantly.



2013-02-28_14-01-44_575This dress from Wendy Katlen seems the perfect fit for any special occasion.  It looks like a simple black dress but the gold spheres that are printed over the dress add that perfect touch.  This dress is one of those that always look good when customers try it on in the store.  The shoulder portion of this dress is shear which adds a hint of elegance and excitement.



2013-02-28_13-34-56_757Finally, the perfect accompaniment to any ensemble, the studded clutch from Calleen Cordero.  These clutches are designed and handmade in California.  They are made from Italian leather and the studding makes them look tough but they are ohh so sweet!  If I was a woman, this would be the first thing I bought from Custard.